Cannabis tincture

The Ultimate Guide To Using Cannabis Tinctures

If you’ve visited our dispensary recently you probably noticed the wide variety of cannabis products we’ve stocked our shelves with. One category of products that has become a favorite among our new cannabis customers, medical patients, and health-conscious consumers is cannabis tinctures.

Tinctures are an easy way to get the job done just as well as any cannabis flower or pre-rolled joint. If you’re new to tinctures, you’re probably wondering what liquid cannabis is all about and why so many people have made tinctures their go-to cannabis product. Here’s a quick guide to help you learn more about what tinctures are and how to get started using them.

What Is Cannabis Tincture?

Cannabis tincture

Cannabis tincture is a cannabis-infused liquid that usually comes in a little dropper bottle. It’s typically made by mixing cannabis concentrate or flower with a liquid base that absorbs the contents of the cannabis. The final product is a concentrated liquid that is easy and convenient to use. You’ll find cannabis tinctures offering a variety of different cannabinoid ratios and containing a variety of different cannabinoids and terpenes.

Traditionally, tinctures have been made with an alcohol liquid base and should not be confused with cannabis oils, which have an oil base. However, nowadays the terms cannabis tincture and cannabis oil are often used interchangeably and many ‘tinctures’ contain no alcohol whatsoever. Make sure to carefully check the product label in order to see exactly what kind of liquid base your tincture is made with.

There are many cannabis tincture benefits worth noting. Tinctures are very easy to take and begin working within 15 minutes of use. They are also a great smoke-free option for health-conscious cannabis consumers looking to protect their lungs. Additionally, they are discreet and very easy to carry around, making them perfect for on-the-go dosing.

How To Use Cannabis Tincture

Cannabis tincture

One of the best things about cannabis tincture is how easy it is to use.

Most people prefer to apply tinctures sublingually by using the dropper to place some liquid under their tongue, where it is then absorbed into the bloodstream through the mucous membranes of the mouth. Let the tincture sit under the tongue for at least a minute or two to ensure as much of it as possible is absorbed. Then, just swish the remaining liquid around your mouth and swallow it. This allows the rest of the active compounds in the tincture to be processed through the stomach and liver.

Another option is to add the tincture to another liquid or food. Try adding some to your morning coffee, salad dressing, or to a smoothie. Some tinctures contain added flavoring, making them tastier and even easier to mix with other things. Using tinctures in this way allows them to work like an edible, where they will be digested and processed in the digestive tract. When using tinctures like an edible, keep in mind that the onset time and duration will both be longer than when you use a tincture under the tongue since it takes more time for the cannabinoids and other active ingredients to make their way through your digestive system.

If you still have any lingering questions around how to use cannabis tincture, just ask one of the friendly budtenders at our dispensary and they’ll be glad to help you out!

Cannabis Tincture At Dispo

Cannabis tincture

Ready to try cannabis tinctures or oils for yourself? Then check out our online menu right now or come down to our dispensary today to browse a wide variety of cannabis products including tinctures, oils, and other smoke-free cannabis options. While you’re at it, make sure to take a look at our deals page: You may be able to get a sweet deal on your tincture!

Whether you’re looking for the best cannabis tincture for anxiety or simply looking to support your general health and wellness, don’t hesitate to ask one of our dispensary staff on your next visit so they can guide through all the cannabis tincture benefits you could be enjoying. We look forward to serving you!

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